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Carolyn Wright, Interim Director
Solid Waste Management Dept.
Sylvester Turner, Mayor
City of Houston

Solid Waste Management Department
Launches HTX Collects Mobile App

August 11, 2021 The Houston Solid Waste Management Department has launched HTX Collects, a mobile app that will allow residents to stay better connected with the City’s waste and recycling collection programs.

The Solid Waste Management Department collects curbside service for over 395,000 residential homes within the city limits. With both garbage (black can) and recycling (green can) as the core operations for curbside collections, the mobile app will help residents keep track of weekly services, updates, and collection delays.

“The HTX Collects, mobile app will make it easier for Houstonians to learn about environmentally sustainable solutions for their neighborhoods,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner.“ I encourage Houstonians to download the app today and take advantage of all its features. Together, we can help clean the environment in our City.”

HTX Collects, will include collection reminders for garbage, recycling, yard waste and tree/junk waste specific to their service address. The mobile app will also send a reminder to residents of their collection days.

“This user-friendly mobile app has many features available to residents, giving them the ability to stay up to date on the department’s core services. Residents can sign up for service alerts and know what goes where. This is a seamless way to stay connected with the City’s waste and recycling programs. “Come on, Houston, let’s Chase the Waste!” said Interim Director Carolyn Wright. “All Houston residents have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about recycling at their fingertips with our new “Chase the Waste” game! Download the app or visit our website to play and see if you have what it takes to be a “Certified Recycling Ranger”!

Residents can find and download the mobile app for Apple and Android devices via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for the keywords Houston Trash and Recycling. We encourage residents to use the following features of the new app:

  • Collection Calendar: Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste, Junk/Tree Waste services. Set reminders and receive alerts via email, push notifications, and phone call.
  • Waste Wizard: Searchable solid waste directory, curbside services, and drop-off location information.
  • Waste Sorting Game: Fun, interactive educational tool to engage, challenge and change recycling behavior.

Those who do not have an Apple or Android device can visit our website and search their home address in the My Schedule tool. They can also:

  • Sign up to receive waste collection reminders by email or phone call.
  • Download their collection schedule into their iCal, Google calendar, or Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Print their personalized collection schedule.
  • Residents can also search the Waste Wizard on to learn how to recycle or dispose of materials properly.


The Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) provides solid waste services to the citizens of Houston through the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded material in a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost-effective.

For more information about SWMD and our services, visit us at, “LIKE” us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter @houstontrash, or call 3-1-1, the City of Houston’s Customer Service Helpline.