Mayor's Office Press Release

City of Houston Applauds Texas Supreme Court Decision Supporting City's Drainage Fee
Today’s ruling ends years of costly litigation

October 21, 2022 -- The Texas Supreme Court today denied rehearing in the case of Perez v. Turner, a class-action challenge to the validity of Houston’s drainage fee which sought refunds of fees paid.

The Court’s decision ended more than eight years of litigation and ongoing uncertainty about Houston’s ability to collect essential funds to pay for critical drainage infrastructure.

The Court had previously supported the legality of the City's drainage fee, which brings in $125 million per year to pay for drainage infrastructure projects.

“This decision is a win for not only the residents of Houston, but many other Texas home-rule cities like Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio," said Mayor Sylvester Turner. "The Court has wisely agreed that such cities remain free to collect modest fees in resident’s water bills to ensure that those residents and their homes are as well prepared and protected as cities can afford to be when floods, hurricanes, and other serious weather events happen. With this decision, Houston has confidence that we can continue to finance drainage infrastructure projects on a fiscally-responsible, pay-as-you-go basis."